Regrettably, many people cannot afford the integrative health treatments and nutritional assistance they may need to help them effectively address their chronic health conditions. Insurance fails to cover many modalities offered by integrative medical doctors practicing functional medicine or many individuals lack insurance altogether.

The ON YOUR WAY program provides financial assistance to those struggling to meet high integrative health care costs. Applicants accepted into the ON YOUR WAY will be evaluated and accepted based on their health and financial needs. Those who qualify may receive financial assistance toward integrative medical care at one of four levels: 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

Individuals accepted into the ON YOUR WAY program will receive:

  • Entry Questionnaire
  • Training on proper dietary and nutritional protocols per approval of Integrative Practitioner
  • Supplementation of Fiber, Oils, Probiotics, Enzymes per approval of Integrative Practitioner
  • Health Journal
  • Exit Questionnaire
  • One year website membership

    Our applicants are typically referred to the ON YOUR WAY program through one of our participating practitioners. They may have initially seen the practitioner and realize the course of treatment is well out of their financial reach.


    A completed health history and financial assistance application along with proof of income must be submitted in order for us to consider a financial need discount and/or full financial assistance.

    An initial consultation with you and/or your integrative practitioner may be requested prior to acceptance.

    The application and financial statement is available as a printable pdf (see below). Please fax your completed application to 866-548-7441. Applications are reviewed quarterly and by our board. Every effort will be made to process your application promptly and once your application has been reviewed you will receive a phone call or an email and a letter confirming the outcome.

    Assistance through ON YOUR WAY will be limited to a total of $5,000.00 or 1 year, whichever comes first. We reserve the right to limit coverage as per situation. All assistance will be paid to the practitioner. No monies will be paid directly to applicant.

    If you have questions in regards to obtaining assistance you may email us or call 855-808-2001.

    ON YOUR WAY Application - Accepting Applications Beginning May 2013

    Please print the following application below. Complete all fields and fax to 866-548-7441.

    The application is in PDF format and requires Adobe Reader to view.

    If you don't have Adobe Acrobat then - Click on logo to download the free trusted software Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe.com.

    ON YOUR WAY Application.pdf


    “Dear Jemma and Brenda,

    I have finally stopped crying enough to send this message. The reason may not be what you think. Knowing I have a medical issue, but not knowing how to explain it has been a huge burden to carry for almost the last 20 years. Hearing someone put it into words and in such an exacting manner was not scary or overwhelming. it was an enormous relief.

    To know I am not alone is also a biggie. I am so grateful for both of you, Brenda Watson, Dr. Cohn, and all your staff for your knowledge, support, and true caring.

    This is really going to work! I am stunned by that reality. And all I have to do is relax and do exactly what I am told. No more trying one program or pill after another until I am broke and exhausted and yet still sick. The gut wrenching chaos it over!

    Giant Hugs and Inner Peace Forever,